19 mayo 2007

Jugar con la luz

Hay momentos que debemos buscar otros tipos de iluminacion que salgan de las clasicas para poder probar otras opciones.
No debemos que tener miedo a las sombras fuertes , buscando jugar con ella.

4 comentarios:

naipemarcado dijo...

Perfecto manejo de la luz, logrando interesantes efectos. Muy bien!
Un saludo.

Mikel Tripulante dijo...

La ultima foto me impresiona bastante, es curioso el efecto que se le da a la fotografía con la iluminación...

:) me gusta...

Miguel Angel Servellón dijo...

Hermosa modelo, hermosa serie, y excelente fotógrafo.

ndiginiz dijo...

Tena koe ehoa
I think these essentially are wonderful model shots! If I was critical of anything, it would be given the nature of the pose, I think that eye contact with the camera can be lessened or even diverted. The image takes on the impression of a show where by I think subliminally it's not meant to be that sort of visual connectivity.
For my interpretation the strenght of the image lies in the voyeuristic visual analogy. (Where we see a temptation we are not meant to see). With her eyes making direct connection that visuality is now impressed as a pose, which I think lacks intensity.

The lighting and the handling of your units is spot on in the top image. They produce a wonderful lenght of shadow that exaggerates and compliments the placement of the models hands and body form. (All the shadows draw down over her body adding to the visual sense of lenght that accentuates her slender body in a beautiful sensual way)

In the bottom image I think the lighting is a little to direct in that it's to frontal and does nothing to reveal the contours of her body inside the opened blouse.
She has a sensual contour on her pelvic line (her left hip) that could be highlighted and the contour of her rib beneath her left breast is another area that could be better revealed by further manipulation with the lighting.

For me in using lighting you have to give me somethng more to see and explore in the visual connection of an image. I do get that to some extent but see more that I'm not getting also.
Forgive me for sounding or reading overly critical Nina. I don't mean to convey negativity but, rather constructive criticism and subjective ideas is instead what I am trying to convey.