28 mayo 2007

como un retrato

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naipemarcado dijo...

Muy original. Me gusta la pose de la modelo.

Anónimo dijo...

como un retrato... y algo más.
Me gusta.

Ariel dijo...

Me gustó la elección del motivo. Sólo hacés fotografía de estudio o también social?

El cuartoscuro dijo...

Gracias amigos por sus comentarios, y por pasar siempre por ECO.
Ariel bienvenido a ECO, te cuento que no hacemos sociales solo en alguna ocacion , casi todo lo nuestro es estudio, productos, macros, retratos, desnudos, publicidad etc.
Espero que sigas visitandonos!! Un abrazo

Rossend dijo...

Creatividad, belleza y sensibilidad, como siempre.

Miguel Angel Servellón dijo...

Encuadre perfecto, motivo excelente.
Simplemente divina

alloxx dijo...

como un retrato y mucho más, una gran pose, una gran imagen.

un saludo

ndiginiz dijo...

Tena koe ehoa
I'd have to admit I'm not really getting much or anything from the image. It's not causing me any evocational responses or reactions.

Nina I think your model is absolutely gorgeous! She's not like quintessential industry models in that she still has a natural curvatious form with substantial volume and depth on her bones which in itself is a blessing for her and the images she'll pose in for you. But I don't think that the sum of your efforts to make this image is based on her photogenic qualities alone, is it?

What I'm getting at is that you've added a prop or an element of compositional value/conflict, in fact two of them. I look at that and wonder as to the validity of their inclusion, their purpose for being added and does it have a relevence that I can visually connect to. Juliet is indeed gorgeous but her beauty for my visual connection lies in the shape and form of her body, her supple thighs and paled olive skin tones, her bone structure which is well defined on and around her shoulders and collarbone, she has a long neck that gives lenght to her form and body without creating a stretch of the imagination. I see the oval frame as quantifying something purely aesthetic in her facial expression when for me the real aesthetic quality is to be found in "total sum of her" more than just the gravity of her facial qualities.

Although it is just an oval frame it has an impactual strenght that draws the eye to the face, when my eye arrives there I only partially understand the beauty of that which I'm attracted to initially. Now even in trying to explore the rest of the image the oval frame had a gravity of attraction applied to it that always draws the eye back to it like a magnet. "It captures and retains my interest when I don't really want it too!"

Of course there is always that indelible relationship to the staging of this image that I don't have and you do so my interpretation may in fact be on the other side of the world in terms of being the same as yours. But of what I've seen of your work so far I don't think your images are contrived as "the sum of aesthetic qualities" at least not entirely alone. Inherently I think an essence of the photographer needs to transcend the frame into the image to equate and cause a union of reasoning and an outcome of visuality that makes the image personal. I don't think that has happened in this instance though Nina? (Would love to know you thoughts about this)

Conversely it could be said that the image is principled on the premise that we as human and perhaps as men in particular, are consumed with physical beauty rather than "absolute beauty"....?

In that reasoning the inclusion of the oval frame becomes totally applicable and understandable.

There are some distracting smudges in the joining of your backdrop with you floor covering also.

Guido dijo...

Hola Nina. Es genial entrar y encontrar de nuevo imágenes fantásticas. Sin duda "el cuarto oscuro" se ha pulido mucho y se nota el cambio.

Sigan así.

Un beso desde México.

Anónimo dijo...

Linda fotografía, muy sexi, ya he visto en dos videos musicales que modelos usan atuendo similar, parece que es clásico e irresistible a la hora de conquistar. "Simply irresistible" (Robert Palmer), y "I feel like a woman" (Shaina Twain).

Bläck-Snöw dijo...

Cada vez que entro siempre esta cambiado, que mal lo mio xD

El cuartoscuro dijo...

ndiginiz thanks for your comments, I really appreciate the time you take in writing your opinion about my photos.
NOrmally when I make a shot, I think not only in the technique but also in what I want to share, but sometimes the model is willing for a session, a little elf comes out that makes you break with the composition techniques and aestetics. That was wthat happened with this picture, shw was ready for a close up shot and we ended making a full body where her foot, despite of not being well set,
Gives us an iadea of stopping of the inevitable shot. The use of the frame makes more inevitable that we are atracted to that spot. one always tries to leave a personal style on each photo, is what happen to us... regards

El cuartoscuro dijo...

Queridos amigos gracias a cada uno de ustedes que me dedican un tiempo en pasar por elcuartoscuro y dejar comentarios, un abrazo inmenso de parte de las dos.

Eric Martín Contreras dijo...

Guauuu... en mi largo paseo de hoy he tenido la suerte de encontrarme con tu blog. Me he quedado alucinado con tus fotografías...
Saludos!! Enhorabuena!!